November 16, 2013

it begins now

Well this marks the start of something new (insert high school musical song here) & we are giddy! this blog is our baby and this baby had a rough delivery. like 2 or 3 months, unreal right? but she is here & isn't she beautiful? not to toot our own horns but TOOT TOOT. we are so ecstatic to be finally taking our blog off of its privacy settings and sharing it with all you, if you're out there. if you are an actual person, we cannot begin to tell you how much we appreciate YOU because obviously you are awesome and the fact that you found and are reading this blog (kinda hispter?) and we hope you enjoy tagging along with us through our journey.

quick story time- M&A went to high school together, graduated in 2012 in our beloved H-town. M went to the far off land of Idaho (an uncanny likeness to Narnia, no?) to attend BYU-I, A went to good ole provo to study at UVU. M wasn't in love with the Idaho scene and that summer M&A both moved home, after a lot of talk & an unnecessary use of emojis, the decision was final.
M was enrolled at UVU with A.
August is when M&A finally moved into an apartment together in provo, both going to UVU(it was a perfect bliss of combining closets, oh the joys of having a roommate with style)
september M&A talked about starting a blog, throwing out ideas and big dreams of what they wanted
October was their deadline to start the blog..yep missed that by about a month…or two.
November rolled around and A&M became serious about this blog stuff. started designing, looking at the blogs they lust after, learning, and spending way to much time on pinterest getting inspiration.

                             &&&& now it is our pleasure to present to you twenty squared

just two twenty year old (okay, we aren't 20 yet but we are oh so close) college friends making a blog to share our experiences, stories, tutorials, diy projects, favorite music, tips, tricks and to hopefully get you inspired and uplifted.
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