April 22, 2014


guys, this blog has been abandoned.. and we are terribly sorry. we have been a little off lately and so busy with school, work and family life that the blog was put on the back burner. but we are back now and that is all that counts. right? 

lots has happened since we last posted m is moving back to hurricane for the summer and a will be in provo. guys being apart is scary/sad stuff. #notafan but because this is our last week together we are trying to get in as much fun as we can. like tonight, oh tonight was so fun. we took out m's camera for some pictures and ended up getting some real treasures! 
so this post is going to be a picture post, get over it. its selfie time.

January 16, 2014


okay guys, the dream job...yeah we went there.
from the time we were young we were being asked this question on the daily & we would answer our little kid dream jobs, like being a beautician for celebrities, a flight attendant, a vet, a pilot, a gold digger, an actress, a world famous chef, a teacher, a VS angel but now the question has more meaning than ever before and we are all asking ourselves this question in a more realist sense. this isn't just like playing dress up anymore, this is real life and its kinda a big deal && YES IT FREAKS US OUT!! throughout both of our lives our dream jobs may have changed drastically but one has remained constant and has always been at the top of our lists. all we really want to do is be moms, to cute little crazy children, whom we will love more than we can imagine and whom we will raise to be confident, caring, creative, and happy people. 

the title of 'MOM' doesn't just mean mother of a child, moms take on every role like taxi driver, hairstylist, chef, event planner, therapist, maid, gardener, baker, doctor, teacher, CEO of the house, lifeguard, judge and FBI agent. moms at every age take on this challenge & most make it seem effortless and easy to take on all of these tasks. 

but hey, its the dream that we want more than anything in the world. this isn't an announcement or anything like that. its is just us declaring that one day we will make it happen, whether it be through adoption or having our own children. one day we will be taking on the role and title of a mom and we will welcome the hectic and beautiful lifestyle it brings. 

word to your mother
M & A out

January 14, 2014


Today, is a sad day in the apartment. Our good friend from high school lost his battle with leukemia. Brian was the strongest boy in our grade, school, and even community. People who didn't know him looked up to him and knew of his goodness. He accomplished so many things that our community saluted him for, he was a three time state champion wrestler, he lead our football team to a state title, he took state in the discus throw, he had a scholarship to SUU to play football, he had a mission call to Uruguay, he was always the happiest person in the halls, he was quiet but he was a beacon of light for all those around him. When he was diagnosed with acute myelogenous leukemia in October of 2012, it was if our whole community was in the battle along with him. Countless prayers and tears were shed in honor of him, and he is worth every ounce of that love that was given to him.

Brian will never be forgotten, his example of love and courage will live in the hearts of those who knew him, forever.

//One of my favorite memories of Brian is he gave me two black eyes..hahaha We were at a party at a friends house, being the cool high school kids we were, we had a strobe light going and throwing around a big exercise ball....because what else were we supposed to do? here comes the good part. The ball was thrown over by where Brian and I were, Brian bent over to pick it up and because I was blinded by the flashing lights I too, bent over to pick it up. Before I knew it, Brian's head was slamming into my nose. I had never seen a boy feel so bad in his life, he made sure I was okay and never stopped saying how sorry he was. I acted tough because I didn't want him to feel worse, but I went home and cried and cried. He has a thick skull, see what I mean by strongest boy?
For the next week or so I had a swollen nose and two black eyes. I looked like an avatar in the sense that I had no bridge on my nose. 

Finding peace in the loss of a loved on is so personal. It is a process that cannot be sped up or slowed down. We all just need time to hurt and time to heal.
For me, I like to think of the happy times and happy memories I had with Brian. I try to remember him just like he was in his prime, when he was happiest, when he was without pain and fear for his life.
I also think music is a huge mood pick me up, I tend to listen to music that fits my mood. Today has been filled with hymns and peaceful music.
Today although it is filled with heartache, so many people are expressing their love for Brian and his family on social media, many newspapers are publishing articles about him. I have loved reading all these beautiful things about his life.
The knowledge of the gospel brings me peace, I know Brian is pain free today. He is in his perfect state, he is with our Heavenly Father. Brian was needed by our Heavenly Father for a reason we will never know, but we can know and trust in the plan.

Brian was one of the lucky ones, blessed with athletic abilities beyond my comprehension and also blessed with humility. Not many athletes can have that said about them, but Brian was all that and more. Brian had THE biggest heart and can-do attitude. His smile was one of the greatest, he was genuine and compassionate. I have no doubt that Brian is serving his mission faithfully and completely, just somewhere a little different.

Brian is a hero and a champion

xox al

January 1, 2014


yesterday might have been the end but it is really the beginning, that is the cool thing about new years. Though it may seem to be the end of a great year it is really the beginning of the rest of your life is that cheesy enough for you? But the really cool thing is everyday that you open your peepers, you open them to a new day and each day will hold its struggles we are firm believers in a nap, but we will gush on that in another post and its fist pumping moments.

So this year start everyday with the new years mentality. 
Resolutions are great and motivating, but in the hype of a new year you tend to forget the ones you made or maybe that is just us.. okay we found out it is not just us, there is a statistic 88% of new years resolutions end in failure.. Nobody is perfect so set realistic goals & not too many. Common goals that people set are way too broad and grand and set themselves up for failure. 365 days of getting fit or eating healthy can seem unattainable but if you set a small goal every month and work your way up to these lifestyle changes you are much more likely to accomplish them. Try to set a new goal each month and work on it in that month, it will most likely become a habit if you diligently work on it those 30ish days. These goals don't have to be huge things. Make them just for you and make them realistic.

So our first goal for twenty squared is to post monthly about our resolution for the month, this could include anything like A learning how to spell better *guys I'm really the worst speller, thank goodness for spell check and autocorrect* or M getting a passport.

hope everyone had a great new years eve & day

M & A