January 16, 2014


okay guys, the dream job...yeah we went there.
from the time we were young we were being asked this question on the daily & we would answer our little kid dream jobs, like being a beautician for celebrities, a flight attendant, a vet, a pilot, a gold digger, an actress, a world famous chef, a teacher, a VS angel but now the question has more meaning than ever before and we are all asking ourselves this question in a more realist sense. this isn't just like playing dress up anymore, this is real life and its kinda a big deal && YES IT FREAKS US OUT!! throughout both of our lives our dream jobs may have changed drastically but one has remained constant and has always been at the top of our lists. all we really want to do is be moms, to cute little crazy children, whom we will love more than we can imagine and whom we will raise to be confident, caring, creative, and happy people. 

the title of 'MOM' doesn't just mean mother of a child, moms take on every role like taxi driver, hairstylist, chef, event planner, therapist, maid, gardener, baker, doctor, teacher, CEO of the house, lifeguard, judge and FBI agent. moms at every age take on this challenge & most make it seem effortless and easy to take on all of these tasks. 

but hey, its the dream that we want more than anything in the world. this isn't an announcement or anything like that. its is just us declaring that one day we will make it happen, whether it be through adoption or having our own children. one day we will be taking on the role and title of a mom and we will welcome the hectic and beautiful lifestyle it brings. 

word to your mother
M & A out

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