January 1, 2014


yesterday might have been the end but it is really the beginning, that is the cool thing about new years. Though it may seem to be the end of a great year it is really the beginning of the rest of your life is that cheesy enough for you? But the really cool thing is everyday that you open your peepers, you open them to a new day and each day will hold its struggles we are firm believers in a nap, but we will gush on that in another post and its fist pumping moments.

So this year start everyday with the new years mentality. 
Resolutions are great and motivating, but in the hype of a new year you tend to forget the ones you made or maybe that is just us.. okay we found out it is not just us, there is a statistic 88% of new years resolutions end in failure.. Nobody is perfect so set realistic goals & not too many. Common goals that people set are way too broad and grand and set themselves up for failure. 365 days of getting fit or eating healthy can seem unattainable but if you set a small goal every month and work your way up to these lifestyle changes you are much more likely to accomplish them. Try to set a new goal each month and work on it in that month, it will most likely become a habit if you diligently work on it those 30ish days. These goals don't have to be huge things. Make them just for you and make them realistic.

So our first goal for twenty squared is to post monthly about our resolution for the month, this could include anything like A learning how to spell better *guys I'm really the worst speller, thank goodness for spell check and autocorrect* or M getting a passport.

hope everyone had a great new years eve & day

M & A

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