December 12, 2013

here comes finals week, here comes finals week

set to the tune of "here comes Santa Clause"
well kids its that time of the semester again (assuming that most of you reading this are in school) its time to wrap up the semester & tackle some finals. we have some quick DO'S & DON'TS is don'ts a looks wayyy wrong for you to walk away from your finals without a chunk of hair missing from your precious head

-keep an up to date schedule of everything you need to be doing to stay on task include:
            when and where the test is
            what materials you need to study
            **and if you have a job make sure to request off time to take your finals**
-keep some treats on hand to reward yourself for getting to a certain page, or getting so many practice questions right
-have healthy meals all planned out that are fast and easy to prepare that goes with snacks too (we choose frozen bananas and almonds throw some peanut butter in there and you can NEVER go wrong)
-keep study materials with you at all times. you never know when you will get some down time, and that's the perfect opportunity to get some more studying in
-make studying interesting, 
                  try a new spot to study in (fun cafe, library)
                  study with a friend or a cute boy from class
                  try writing with a different color pen for some information
-TURN OFF your phone & don't let your self log onto any distracting sites during designated study time
-go to class and any TA sessions/study sessions that you can, and use any other helpful resource to your full advantage. they are there to help you!
-drink some diet coke, go ahead we give you permission 

-study on your bed,this is the worst spot because you will just end up dozing off into a 5 hour nap (& yes we have found that out from personal experience)
-put off studying till the last minute 
-stay up way past bedtime to study, you will forget everything. get some rest and pick up where you left off in the morning

good luck, and then you can cuddle


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