December 7, 2013

come what may and love it

Hello bloggers, M here!

Provo, Utah is looking a lot like Narnia these days, and on this Saturday evening while watching Baby Mama for the first time, i know i know it's down right un-American of me, I was thinking about this past week and these are some moments that were significant to me:

photo courtesy of EVELN on Tumblr. 

-Make way for a story: Girl is driving home from school. Girl is scared out of her friggin mind, but playing it cool like the snow everywhere. in. sight. Girl approaches light and starts to put on brakes. Brakes decide to give girl a hard time and lock up. Car slides, slides, slides…hitting the back of another car, girl is punching herself in the face. Girl thinks her life may be over once she calls her dad. Other car turns out to be a man who is actually very nice. And paraplegic. Girl is REALLY punching herself in the face right now. Luckily, policeman was very polite as well. Both men repeatedly told girl she didn't need to cry so much. Girl is a heart on her sleeve type of gal and tends to cry. A LOT.  After girl and policeman and other car part ways, girl decides to hide in Barnes and Noble because that's where girl goes when upset and it makes everything better. 

-Taking a hot shower after coming in from the cold Narnia outside. Those are my golden moments people.

-Finally finishing all six seasons of Gossip Girl and having my life back. Did i mention me and A started about a month ago? 

-Being a college student, perfect attendance goes on the shelf with those other things like studying and then playing, or getting to bed at an unoffensive hour that night. Those suggestions that really are just jokes for the busy-minded and the just plain busy. But, i admit there is one class that i have never missed. Biology at 8:00 am. Early bird, holllaaaaa. no but seriously. Never missed it. The most handsome TA is in that class and i'm pretty much waiting for him to turn this one-sided romance into an 80's movie and just marry me already. I'd like to take a moment and just thank my professor for hiring such a hunk of a TA. Without him, biology would not be my best grade.

This week has been awesome. despite some of the more sour moments, every day was a great one. I'm more than grateful and definitely had my work cut out for me this week counting my blessings. Last Sunday, we had a lesson about choosing happiness and we made it a goal to choose to be happy no matter the situation, (refer to last post). I can't tell you what a difference it made each day to decide that it was going to be great. So give it a try. Make the best of it and come what may, love it.

love, M

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