December 2, 2013

happy & we know it

welcome back to real life & welcome to DECEMBER
can you believe it? the countdown to Christmas and to M's 20th birthday starts now well yesterday but you get the idea.

alright so this post may start out a little depressing but don't you worry it gets happier & so will you, so keep reading! we got to talking on our drive back from our home sweet homes to our apartment sweet apartment about how hard life can be and the pressures that are put onto us by society. society makes us believe that there is a timeline for our lives and if we aren't where society says we should be we aren't good enough. which is seriously so dumb, WHO THOUGHT OF THAT ANYWAY?! we noticed that we feel these feelings of doubt and self consciousness when we are taking advantage of the good things in life, because life is really so good. everyone is different and perfect in their own ways, we can't compare our lives to the timeline society gives. we all move and progress at different times. you hear that Provo? we don't all need to be married before 20, but if you are more power to ya. 

the concept of life is just the coolest thing, life is all we have and we need to make the most of it we don't have time to be worried about where we should be on the society timeline, just worry about being happy. life becomes stressful and hard to bare only when we forget to be grateful and when we forget to find joy in the journey. we take advantage of the blessings we receive daily and we don't remember that being happy is a  choice.

so we made a pact, we even shook on it, so that means its the real deal. the pacts is that we will find the joy in everything and if we aren't living up to that we will remind each other that happiness should be a top priority in our lives. In high school we had so many influential friends that we looked up to because we saw the joy radiating from them in every decision they made. these friends may not know that they made such an impact on us, but we are still talking about them to this day. you never know what your happiness can do for someone else. so just be happy, okay? 
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                                             ^^print from painted arrow (go check out her site, she has major talent)

make a pact with a friend that will remind you to always be your best self. 
here come some cheesy but true one liners to write on your mirror with lipstick...oh wait, does anyone do that anymore? oh well, those were the days
your never fully dressed without a smile
happy girls are the prettiest girls
happiness is a frame of mind
keep it real
chin up butter cup
smiling: the second best thing you can do with your lips (isn't that the truth)
choose to see the good stuff
don't worry be happy
think happy thoughts


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