November 26, 2013

so close we can taste it

thanksgiving is oh so close & we are beyond ready. thanksgiving means we get a break from school and that we get to visit our families and eat lots of food. speaking of large amounts of food I think it is probably time to fill you in on a big secret about us. we love food, we love to try new restaurants, we love to eat out, we love to dine in, we love to watch cooking shows, we love to look at food pins and droll, we love to eat that's it, plain and simple. (I feel a post coming on..we will fill you in on the best places to eat in provo) being the college students we are, having a huge meal that we don't have to pay for sounds like sweet music to our ears.

thanksgiving is the gateway to the Christmas season, so let us all remember what this holiday season truly means. Remember to be thankful for everything in our lives even the small and simple ones, cause sometimes those are the best. start the holiday season right with feelings of gratitude and love towards all. look for ways to serve those around you and share the light of Christ in everything you do.

as for those pictures we talked is a little sneak peak at our favorites

have a great thanksgiving week!

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