November 19, 2013

love at first bite

Hello! M&A here! Just wanted to share a little video M put together about our trip to Waffle Love! If you don't know, Waffle Love is part of the food truck scene here in happy valley serving up delicious waffles with sugar crystals, so basically crack for hungry people, and your choice of fresh fruit, homemade whipped cream, and other toppings. According to us it's one of the best things that comes out of a truck. So if you are a Waffle Love virgin in Utah Valley, you should check their schedule on their Insta or Facebook!

Did you catch 0:22 ?! Looks like Waffle Love was made for us.

Today was filled with classes and running around Provo with a saweet borrowed camera that was heaven sent compared to our usual iPhone lens. Consider it on our wish list, hint hint Santa. M was practicing her skills behind the lens while A was practicing her smize, whattup Tyra. Can't wait to show you guys so stay tuned!

A & M

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